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8 September 2016

The first contact with a prospective client normally starts with ‘we need a logo’. This is often replied with ‘what you need is a brand’. But what is the difference between the two? It is not a stupid question, as it is something that can often leave clients and designers scratching their heads.

What is a brand?

Often when a client refers to their brand, they are simply referring to their logo, then there are the countless designers, freelancers, developers and even our printing friends over in Germany (rhymes with mista trint) who offer branding services, but what they mean is they offer logo design or a stock image with you name on…

So allow us to try and solve the riddle… what is a brand?

One of the best definitions of a brand is from Marty Neumeier’s book, The Brand Gap: “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.”

So there you go, we hope that cleared things up for you… only kidding, lets explore further

So much more than logo on your business card or a picture on a van; the brand is the overall experience, the impression and knowledge a consumer has about your product or service. It is emotional rather than material.

What is a logo?

A logo (also known as a mark, brand mark, trademark, wordmark, logotype, symbol, or brand icon) is a graphic and/or typographic mark that identifies your organization.

It is only one of many elements, albeit a very important element, that make up your organization’s “brand identity” and helps with recognition, differentiation, and recall.

Logos are a way to express some of the essence and characteristics of your brand, but there’s no way a logo can represent or illustrate everything about your brand.

Instead a logo serves as a visual cue or the organization’s signature. You can think of the logo as the “brands face” where people can mentally store all that perceptual information (both positive and negative) for later recall.

It’s a means to filter and organize memories, messages, and data points over time so that ultimately a fairly simple and abstract graphic logo can embody a whole story or history.

A good logo is an important brand asset and a way to help differentiate you from your competition and communicate the essence of your brand to the market.

Which is more important?

Both a strong brand and a compelling logo are important if you’re trying to position your company and drive its growth, but it’s what people ultimately think and feel about your organization (your brand) that impacts business success more. For example, you can probably think of a few companies that have very recognizable, maybe even very creative, logos but for whom you hold no respect either because of your own personal customer experience or something you have seen in the media.

Likewise, there are companies you do business with that you love for their product or service, and will return to, but the logos you might be ambivalent about. The logo is more tangible it is the place many focus on when they want to change or evolve their company. However, that could put the cart before the horse.

It is not that they don’t need a new logo. Most of them do. However, a logo should be the outcome of a wider branding process that explores an organization’s vision, value proposition, and how customer perceptions and experiences match or diverge from what the company thinks of itself.

The idea being to use these insights to fine tune your products, services, actions, words, imagery, etc., to become more what you want your customers to think about you.

The fact of the matter is that a large majority of businesses create a logo as a fairly random esthetic exercise and then try to shore it up with meaning and strategy later. This is usually seen as a veneer instead of a compelling strategic change or new voice for the company.

Most people that are considering a “rebrand,” and feel their logo is outdated or no longer fits, are motivated consciously or unconsciously by bigger issues and opportunities for their company.

So rather than brand vs. logo, it’s really more brand and logo hand-in-hand. The actual power to be leveraged behind a great logo is not simply in the creativity and design of the logo itself, but in the clarity, definition, uniqueness, and articulation of the larger brand behind it. A good analogy is that the logo is the tip of the brand iceberg. It’s the visible part above the water line, but what it represents is so much bigger.

Creating Precious Memories

29 April 2016

Ten2Two is a socially responsible design company, committed to making a positive impact for our clients and the wider community.

This month we had the pleasure to proudly welcome the South Wales Children’s Charity, ‘Ieuan the Lion Memorial Fund’ (ITLMF) into our portfolio. A local charity that helps children who have been diagnosed with life-limiting or life-threatening diseases/conditions.

We met with the Charity Director Wayne Yendle who set us the exciting brief of re-branding and re-vamping current marketing materials

When speaking with Wayne it was evident that he has a great passion and drive for this charity, which helped us understand what we needed to do to display the charities powerful messages and positive values.

It is worth noting that ITLMF was set up by Ieuan’s parents, after their tragic loss they decided to raise awareness and help other families in similar situations. The strength and commitment Wayne and his wife have to support others is remarkable and we are extremely proud to call them our clients.

We would like to thank ITLMF for the chance to work on such an amazing project and we will look forward to working together again in the future.

For more information on Ieuan the Lion Memorial Fund please visit their

View ITLMF portfolio page


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